Conor Benn Will Fight In September – Says Eddie Hearn

Eddie Hearn has controversially claimed that Conor Benn will fight in September, despite UKAD and the BBBofC appealing the removal of his suspension.

Benn has been out of the ring since he tested positive twice for clomiphene after his VADA tests. In the aftermath, the boxer maintained his innocence by vowing to prove his innocence.

In response, UKAD suspended Benn in April as an investigation continued. Although that may have been the case, the National Anti-Doping Panel (NADP) removed the suspension.

However, UKAD and the BBBofC reserved the right to appeal, which they have now exercised.

But rather than wait for the outcome of the appeal, Hearn is keen on putting Benn back into the ring as soon as possible.

“It looks like we’re gonna fight in September. Yeah, he’s not suspended, he’s been cleared, subject to the appeal. So at the moment he’s cleared to fight. Obviously he’s already licensed.

“That fight could take place in the UK, subject to conversations with the Board. They may choose not to. But he wants to get out ASAP.

“The appeal’s gonna take, I don’t know, two or three months, so we’re not interested in waiting around. He’s been cleared. Obviously, they’ve chosen to appeal. We won that case. So we’ll see,” Hearn said 

Nevertheless, putting on the fight would prove controversial. Reports indicate that Benn’s defense ‘did not include an examination of the science.’

Therefore, there is no answer on whether or not clomiphene was in Benn’s system, nor if he had proven it was a case of contamination.

As such, the issue of strict liability still remains. In addition, the boxing public has not taken Hearn’s comments very well, as shown by the social media response.

Social Media Response

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