Conor McGregor And Jake Gyllenhaal Go Sneaker Shopping, Spend A Combine Total Of $25,000

Conor McGregor and Jake Gyllenhaal have been making the rounds promoting the release of their recent film ‘Road House’.

Earlier this week, the co-starring duo appeared on an episode of ‘Sneaker Shopping With Complex’, a popular fashion based YouTube series. During the video, they discussed where their intrigue with sneakers began, and McGregor even got into a story about a lost pair of that he believes were stolen from him in 2015.

“They got stolen on me!” McGregor said about a pair of Louboutin shoes that he believes were stolen from him. “Would you believe? I never seen them again after that day.”

“I did buy them and I think they got stolen on me in the airport. I swear to God they must have just got taken out of the bag on the way back because they were gone.”

“They were crazy ones, I was kind of having a little experiment with the Louboutins.”

In the end, both left with a pair of new sneakers. Gyllenhaal’s were priced at $1000, while the former UFC champion spent a whopping $24,000.

This was one of just many stops on the tour that the stars of ‘Road House’ have been taking since the film’s premier last week on Amazon Prime Video. Considering this was McGregor’s first major acting experience, the general outlook on his performance as the story’s antagonist has been overall quite positive.

In a separate interview, McGregor seems to feel he did quite well himself, and is excited to pursue further success in films, alongside his fighting career.

“I really actually feel I could play any role,” McGregor said. “And I almost, when I watch the movie and what way they chose to portray me as the character, and certain ways and takes they used, I knew where they were going — it almost made me [think], because I would’ve probably preferred other ones. You get me? And it probably made me a bit more eager to do another one. I actually felt like, you know what? I’d love to do another one now because we can do better, and I can also do something way different.

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