Conor McGregor Announces His Return To USADA – ‘I’m Back In The Pool’

Conor McGregor has revealed that he has entered the USADA testing requirements, increasing the likelihood that he will return to the octagon in 2024.

The ‘Notorious’ has not been in the octagon ever since he lost to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264, which resulted in his leg being broken. Although that may have been the case, McGregor has been teasing a comeback ever since. He has been linked with a fight against Michael Chandler, following their time as rival coaches on the TUF 31 series.

And yet, McGregor’s failure to provide two negative samples over a six-month period as per the USADA rules, meant that he was not able to compete in 2023. As we reported previously, since then, McGregor has made the following comments which suggested that he had enrolled in USADA: “Submitted my stuff to [Jeff] Novitzky. Ball rolling. See you soon you little light work b****.” And now that the dust has settled down somewhat, McGregor has provided another suggestion that he will be fighting again soon.

The revelation came following Dana White’s own response, which suggested that there was still some way to go before McGregor comes back into the octagon. However, the CEO of the UFC did state that McGregor had taken some steps in order to make his comeback official, which can only increase the chances of MMA fans seeing McGregor back again.

“No, he is not officially in the USADA pool. He has submitted the paperwork so probably by Monday he will be submitted. Again, don’t hold me to that but the paperwork is submitted so next week sometime. I literally have nothing planned with Conor McGregor right now, the paperwork is being submitted,” White

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