Conor McGregor Blasts Joe Rogan For Suggesting He’s On Steroids

McGregor has previously said that he intends to fight at welterweight.

Joe Rogan doesn’t think Conor McGregor is all natural.  

The longtime analyst thinks that the former UFC double champion has been using performance enhancing drugs. McGregor has not fought since July 2021, but has been showing off his bulky physique lately and it was revealed that he is not in the USADA testing pool, which is required if fighters want to compete. 

“He’s taking his shirt off and posing constantly, and he looks like his piss would melt that USADA cup,” Rogan said on his podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience.”  

“Like, it would just like burn a hole right through the bottom of that USADA cup. … The weird thing is that there is a loophole in USADA that allows you to get out of the testing pool. You can get out of the testing pool and just juice up.” 

YouTuber Derek from YouTube channel More Plates More Dates, an expert on steroids and PED, gave more of an insight on what USADA prohibited drugs could have helped McGregor in his recovery. He suffered a broken leg in a loss against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. 

“HGH, peptides, androgens are very restorative – like they’ll reinforce bone mineral density,” Derek said.  

“Like, there’s certain stuff that’s going to stay in the system for a long time he could never use. But on the bio-identical side, anything pro-bone integrity, infrastructure enforcing, I would be highly incentivized. If I was him and I wasn’t being tested, I’d be pushing that vector hard.” 

McGregor wasn’t happy with Rogan’s claims and fired back at him.  

“Joe looks like his piss melts his knickers, in the company that long and never took a fight hahaha @ufc oh tae kwon do competition, call the cops hahahahaah,” McGregor wrote in a now-deleted post. 

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