Conor McGregor Claims To Be Richer Than Entire UFC Roster

The “Notorious” Conor McGregor never spares a moment to showcase his wealth to the public.

McGregor topped Forbes’ list of the highest paid athletes from May 2020 to this past May. He cashed out at $180 million, and he has achieved all this during a period of mere a decade.

McGregor made his debut in the UFC in 2013 knocking out Marcus Brimage in the very first round of the night.

Since then, the Notorious hasn’t looked back, taking large strides to reach the heights he is standing now.

McGregor, who was ahead of soccer players Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo on the list, has claimed to have more money than the rest of the UFC roster combined.

“I’m Richer than the whole roster b–ch, I’m rick Ross. Rolling around Miami 🔥 @ufc richest ever in history. Just wow. Pinch me I’m powerful. Rolls Royce Miami. The key to the city to start. Proper Mondays Grinding,” he wrote on Instagram.

He is often seen wearing exorbitant watches and roaming in and around in his luxury cars. The Irish man often spends heavily on acquiring a personal cruise for spending his vacation with his love of life, Dee Devlin.

The Notorious also isn’t afraid of revealing the money he earns from his fight. He recently shared the PPV numbers from UFC 257 that left everyone in awe.

His recent comments on his salary have come at a time when fighter pay has become a hot topic in the MMA circle.

Many fighters do believe they aren’t paid much and, in some cases, it has been reported that fighters have to crowdfund in order to manage all their pre-fight camp expenses.

Recently, a Youtuber turned boxer, Jake Paul took the UFC President Dana White to the cleaners and alleged that White isn’t paying the fighters the money they deserve.

Many journalists have also questioned White about this affair, but the UFC premier has denied this claim and has asserted if they weren’t paid this much, they would have not fought in the octagon again.

McGregor is currently in a rehab phase following the injury he suffered against Dustin Poirier in his last bout. The Irishman plans to return to the octagon when his leg is healed.

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