Conor McGregor Continues To Tease UFC Return

Conor McGregor has hinted that when he returns to the octagon after recovering from a broken leg, his “weapons” will be “different.”

McGregor competed twice in 2021, both times losing to fellow UFC lightweight Dustin Poirier. McGregor was knocked out by the American last January before the Irishman damaged his leg in their July fight.

McGregor, 33, is currently healing from that injury but has hinted at a summer return. Still, the former first-ever double champion’s next fight is unlikely to be until late 2022 or early 2023.

“I will sink these bow and arrows into the target. In live fighting. For the world to witness. Again. But these arrows are different than before. Corkscrewed. Knuckles,” McGregor wrote on Twitter on Monday.

“‘The McGregor bow and arrows’ I’m calling these,” he said. “In association with Bruce Lee. Enjoy.”

“Think of it this way, novices, if someone loads back a full bow and arrow and points it towards your face, what are you doing?”

McGregor became the UFC’s first fighter to hold belts in two categories at the same time in 2016 when he added the lightweight belt to his featherweight belt, which he earned in 2015.

During his UFC career, the Irishman has primarily competed in those weight divisions; however, he has also fought at welterweight three times.

McGregor has hinted that his next fight might be at welterweight or possibly middleweight, owing to a considerable increase in muscle mass in recent months.

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