Conor McGregor Contributes Generous Donation To Dublin’s Homeless Population

Being the polarizing figure that he is, Conor McGregor is in the news almost constantly, but in this case it is for a quite wholesome reason.

While “The Notorious” more recently has been making headlines for the details surrounding the scheduling of his fight with Michael Chandler, this time was because of a generous donation he made to the city of Dublin.

Earlier this week, Irish charity ‘Liberty Soup Run’ made a post to social media, praising McGregor for staying true to his word and providing a new delivery van for the organization. Considering the way McGregor markets himself and typically behaves in the public eye, this act of selflessness provides a nice contrast.


It is always a beautiful moment when the rich and powerful help the less fortunate. This is even more impactful when individuals are able to help the people of their home city, displaying that they will never forget where they came from.

‘Liberty Soup Run’ is a not-for-profit charity with a primary goal of supporting the homeless and less fortunate population in Dublin, Ireland. Information regarding the organization can be found on their Instagram, Facebook and X (Twitter) pages.

Additionally, the charity is currently running a donation drive on

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