Conor McGregor Denies Alleged Attack On Woman On Yacht

A judge will hear more statements regarding the incident.

Conor McGregor has denied that he attacked a woman on his yacht.  

On Tuesday, a newspaper in Spain, Ultima Hora, reported that the former UFC star punched an Irish woman and threatened to drown her at his 34th birthday party last July on his boat in Ibiza. McGregor’s spokesperson has, however, denied it. 

“Mr. McGregor is steadfast in his denial of all the accusations made by a guest on his boat,” Karen Kessler told ESPN on Tuesday in a statement. 

The woman, who was not identified, reportedly initially told police that it was not McGregor who attacked her, but another man. The allegations have now, however, supposedly changed.  

McGregor was in Ibiza, an island off of the coast of Spain, at a club where the woman was at, Ultima Hora reported. The woman said that McGregor invited her into the VIP area and then onto his yacht with McGregor’s girlfriend and friends. He allegedly recognized her from his neighborhood in Dublin. 

The next morning, the woman claimed that McGregor punched her in the stomach and chin, threatening to drown her. The report said that she jumped into the water to escape and was rescued by a Red Cross boat.  

The woman allegedly did not accuse McGregor at first because she was in shock.  

An Ibiza judge will interview the woman and witnesses. After that, they will decide if McGregor will be cited for a felony, per Ultima Hora.  

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