Conor McGregor Dismisses Retirement Talk

Conor McGregor has shut down talks of retiring from the UFC. 

It has been over two years since McGregor’s last UFC appearance. His UFC 264 loss to Dustin Poirier in 2021 was his third loss in four fights. A broken leg accompanied the defeat, adding to McGregor’s anguish. He has been linked with a Michael Chandler fight. McGregor did say it was ‘all systems go’ for his return this summer.

Chandler backed up those comments, stating there was confirmation for a fight. However, the UFC has not made an announcement. Dana White has blamed McGregor’s life outside the Octagon for the delay. The Irishman had been promoting his first film, Road House. White also wanted McGregor to have a full training camp.

Despite those concerns, McGregor has no plans to walk away from the UFC. He referenced Poirier and Alexander Volkanovski as similar-aged fighters who are still active. McGregor also mentioned Mike Tyson, who continues to fight in his fifties, as he prepares to face Jake Paul

“Look at Mike Tyson now, he’s fighting Jake Paul. He fought Roy Jones also. So there you go, that’s an older guy…Look at all my potential opponents I have. I have gangs of opponents, literally, that I have history with — trilogies, secondary fights, fresh fights even. These are all similar age to me. So if these people are similar age to me, and I have an audience’s interest, which I do, who’s to say these fights won’t take place whenever they’ll take place? Do you get me? It’s to the grave, my man,” McGregor said 

To show his commitment, McGregor has dismissed any further acting roles. The Notorious backtracked on his initial comments about following in the footsteps of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. McGregor did receive positive reviews for his role in Road House, but that has not been enough for him to continue acting. 

“I feel like I could play any role. People are saying I look different every day, every time people see me I look different. If that was somewhere I wanted to go, I could fancy it. But, I don’t actually fancy it. That’s the thing. I’m not really into it, to be honest. It’s a bit weird to me. Just get me back in that octagon,” McGregor stated


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