Conor McGregor Just Misses List Of Sport’s Top 10 Social Media Earners

Conor McGregor has just missed making the list of the top ten sporting figures who get paid the most per social media posting.

The Irish fighter is still making a fortune just from throwing up occasional sponsored posts, however it does not match up with the amount of money BonusFinder have calculated. They have revealed how much money the biggest names across the world of sports receive for sponsored posts and unsurprisingly, the numbers are rather high.

Cristiano Ronaldo clearly came out on top, earning over $2,000,000 per post. He is followed up by Leo Messi and Dwayne Johnson who both earn $1,000,000.

One very surprising name to appear on the list is Indian Cricket player Virat Kohli, who earns 694,509.

The rest of the top ten are rounded out by names that are to be expected, such as Neymar, LeBron James and David Beckham.

Photo: BonusFinder

McGregor still makes about $150k per post, although many of the brands he advertises are ones he himself holds stake in, such as Proper 12, McGregor Fast and TIDL Sports.

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