LISTEN: Conor McGregor Media Call Recap

Coming off the heels of the Nevada State Athletic Decision announcing that Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather will be able to use eight ounce gloves for their fight next week, in what has been considered a controversial decision by the NAC. Conor McGregor had his media conference call today and here is a recap of what you may have missed.

The call begins with Conor McGregor and will be split with Dana White.

In the beginning of the call, Conor McGregor is the sole person on the call with Dana White joining later in the call.


On the request to use eight ounce gloves as a opposed to the ten ounce gloves utilized at 144 pound weight and over:

“Look what I fight with I work with 4 ounce gloves, fingerless gloves.”


Is there a difference between Floyd and him in terms how they’re being covered?

“Look at every boxing analyst, it feels like I’m not welcome.”


On the build up for this being different than his prior UFC fights:

“Its another day for making history.. another day being told what I can’t do.”

On what if anything has given him more confidence than usual.

“The team around me has instilled confidence in me…  Training has been going absolutely flawless.”

McGregor on rematch with Mayweather in MMA:

“If he would do that, he would have my respect.”

On being in a 12 round fight.

“I don’t see him absorbing the blows from the first two rounds.”

“I am ready to go all twelve rounds or taking him out in ten seconds.”

On Floyd Mayweather’s legacy and record as a boxer.

“I don’t care about his records, I don’t care about his accomplishments… I take it by a fight by fight basis.”

When asked about a potential Paulie Malignaggi

“Tell the kid to join the queue and we’ll see what happens after the fight.”

On the McGregor challenge: Its a shoulder loosening exercise developed by Hickson Gracie.

When asked if he still believe he is a champion in two divisions, he says he is still the champion at 145 and 155 pounds

On the box office and overall money:

“It’s heading near record breaking numbers.”

Dana White takes over the call and the questions from the media.

Why is this different than James Toney fighting Randy Couture:

“The difference is that he came into a sport where there were so many ways to beat him… Conor can punch… Some people think Conor won’t even hit Floyd once… He looks great (in sparring).”


On the potential size and scope of the fight, Dana believes that this is the biggest event in combat sports history.

“This is the biggest event in pay per view history… Over 200 countries will be able to see this fight.”

Dana White on Conor wanting this fight.

“I want to beat him in his own world.”

On the hype of the fight and how this fight came about.

“This is one of these cool situations where two people wanna fight each other.”

When asked about the eight ounce gloves he has no idea what made Mayweather promotions change their mind, as they wouldn’t bring it to the table in the original negotiations.


On his expectations for the fight.

“I expect him to knock Floyd Mayweather out”

On the amount of money Conor will make in this fight.

This is life changing money for Conor and his family.

On Paul Malignaggi footage released.

“I needed to put an end to his nonsense.”

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