Conor McGregor On Discouraging Delays Surrounding UFC Comeback – “It Keeps Getting Pushed Back, Then I Lose Interest”

While it seems Conor McGregor has been struggling to stay motivated for his eventual UFC comeback, he says he has plans to ‘regroup’, as he has been in and out of training camp as of late.

The Irishman has been out of competition since July 2021 recovering from the broken ankle he suffered versus Dustin Poirier in their Trilogy match at UFC 264. And despite the ankle seeming to be fully healed at this point, he does not yet have a fight scheduled, although the hope is that he will face opposing Ultimate Fighter coach Michael Chandler later this year.

McGregor caught up with The Mac Life earlier this week, and expressed a degree of discouragement regarding his return to the cage.

“I’m wrapping up this tour, I’ve got the St. Paddy’s Day festivities coming up, and then I’m gonna get back and regroup. I’m gonna test myself physical wiswe on the treadmill and go about the McGregor Fast way and get myself right back. I had a camp in Cannes, the South of France, I had a camp in Dubai where I had world champions training with me where I was hoping for a December date, then a January date. Then it keeps getting pushed back, then I lose interest and stop full training for a while. Not stop training, I will always train, but stop full training and drinking a little back. I’m going to go back and regroup,” Conor McGregor said to TheMacLife.

While it does not sound like McGregor has been training in the capacity that he would if there was a fight scheduled, he is of course keeping in shape. But, many are wondering if his upcoming appearance in the film Road House, premiering March 21st on Amazon’s Prime Video, and his multiple business ventures in the liquor industry could be playing a role in when he comes back to fighting.

Another thought some individuals have is how a man who has all the money and success one could need is able to stay motivated to come back to such a tough environment, But, if anyone can do it, it would be McGregor.


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