Conor McGregor Plans To Be Calm On The Mic In UFC 303 Buildup – “It Doesn’t Serve A Purpose”

While in the past, Conor McGregor has been known to be vocally aggressive towards his opponents, it sounds as though the world could see a different version of the Irishman prior to UFC 303.

On June 29th in Las Vegas, McGregor will square off will Michael Chandler in a long awaited comeback fight. While the former two-division UFC champion has been out of the game for almost 3 years, his opponent will also be coming off a lengthy break. Chandler last fought in November 2022 when he was submitted by Dustin Poirier, who also happens to be McGregor’s most recent opponent.

Earlier this week, McGregor spoke on the buildup to his upcoming bout, and he indicated that we may not see the same antics “The Notorious” has been known for in the past.

“I’m ready to go. I’m calm, I’m composed, and I’m cold in the soul for this man.” Conor McGregor stated in a recent interview, discussing his upcoming UFC comeback bout against Michael Chandler. “This whole thing, I’m coming back with a vengeance and I’m coming back with skill. I’m excited to show my skills, my man. Yeah, I’m in a great place mentally, physically, and spiritually. Five weeks, five days time, we’re back on the horse. Giddy up.”

He continued, “Yeah, I don’t think I’ll go to that level [of trash talk] again. It doesn’t serve a purpose, and it doesn’t serve me well. You know, like, you remain cold to the situation. You remain emotionless. It’s a blank face and a specific body type. He has his set movements, his set patterns he moves in, and his set shots and I’m aware of them.”

“I’m preparing for a multitude of outcomes and just getting myself ready as I can be.” Conor McGregor concluded. “[But], I’m confident that all my shots will land.”

Following the broken leg he suffered in his trilogy bout with Dustin Poirier in 2021, some assumed fans would never see McGregor make another Octagon walk. But, with his remarks in mind, it certainly seems McGregor is in the right headspace for his comeback.

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