Conor McGregor releases video from hospital, scolds Dustin Poirier for celebrating “illegitimate win” at UFC 264

Conor McGregor has released a video on his scolding Dustin for an “illegitimate win” following his successful leg surgery after his loss at UFC 264.  During the match, Connor could get a quick start and even land some effective low kicks. But Dustin took Connor into the clinch and took him down to the matt when things started going downhill for the Irishmen.

During the last ten seconds of the round, Dustin and Connor got in a bit of an exchange that resulted in Connor twisting his ankle, causing it to snap. The fight was immediately called off, and Dustin was awarded the winner.

Following the fight, Conor when into surgery to repair his dislocated ankle. After the procedure was performed successfully, Connor released a video to his tweeter thanking the fans in attendance and his own typical fashion accusing Dustin of walking away with an illegitimate win. Fans have come to know the Irishmen as a very vocal presence online.

This seems to be another one of Conor’s usual online antics, but some fans believe this is a ploy to match Dustin. However, the future for the Irishmen is vague. It is hard to see him threatening the ranks again as he did in his heydays, but he is a star attraction for the promotion, which is why when he heals up completely he will be signed to more fights soon.

Fans are eager to see the notorious one in the cage, and he brings in a lot of pay-per-view buys, which is a good incentive to keep fighting. The only question is when and who Connor will fight in the octagon. He will need to dig deep if he is to keep his mantle in the eyes of the fans and the promotion.

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