Conor McGregor Responds To Allegations And Mental Health Concerns

Conor McGregor has addressed allegations hurled his way as well as concerns over the state of his mental health.

McGregor has been out on a trip with his fiancee, Dee Devlin, on the “Notorious” one’s yacht. While it appeared that McGregor was simply living the good life in Corsica, reports of an incident began to surface. McGregor’s team vehemently denied reports that he was arrested after allegedly attempting sexual assault. As it turns out, McGregor was interviewed and then released without being charged. The investigation is said to be ongoing.

Fans then grew worried when McGregor posted two tweets where he discussed suicide intervention and said he’s “crushed” due to this “horrendous time” in his life.

McGregor took to his private Facebook account to vent on the allegations as well as address those concerned about his mental health (h/t

“I will never kill myself no matter how many wish for it,” McGregor said. “Try set me up all yous f—ing want over and over and over the truth will always set me free! Be it baby father claims, rape, indecent exposure, bulls–t WhatsApp group s–t. You f—ing name it. Never will I fold! The truth is the truth and it gives me wings! I know my character! God bless DNA! God bless Cctv! God bless Eye witness! God bless the truth! The truth is power! I am free! Never will a dime be paid to anyone coming at me with vicious lies! Not now not f—ing ever! I will fight! And I am only beginning my fight! All these past incidents you will see! They will not be forgotten! I will not allow these people to just accuse me and then disappear into the dark to attempt to ruin someone else life! No f—ing way!

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