Conor McGregor Slams Ryan Garcia, Wants A Lifetime Ban

Conor McGregor lashed out at Ryan Garcia following the boxer’s failed VADA tests. 

Garcia tested positive for Ostarine on April 19 (a day before the fight) and April 20 (on the day of the fight) before he defeated Devin Haney. There are also reports that Garcia could have 19-Norandrosterone in his system, subject to further confirmation. 

Garcia secured his biggest win, dropping Haney three times to become the ‘face of boxing.’ However, there are now serious concerns over his conduct. Garcia came in 3.2 pounds over the 140-pound limit. Ostarine also helps athlethes increase stamina, lose weight and increase muscle. Ryan has not helped himself with his response. 

He denied the claims without evidence, simply stating it was fake news. A series of further tweets showed he was not taking the allegations seriously. Devin Haney called on Garcia to apologize to his fans, while Bill Haney accused Garcia of trying to ‘hurt’ his son, knowing he could not beat Devin on fair terms. Garcia could be banned, fined and see the result turned into a no-contest. Once the news broke, Garcia was given ten days to request the B-sample. However, McGregor has made up his mind and is calling for Garcia to get a lifetime ban. 

“Cheated the weight and was juiced, lifetime ban. Sad to see, sad to say. Sad and a bit sick. Don’t come near me if I see you ever Ryan Garcia. I am actually disgusted. This Ostarine it reminds me of Sean O’Malley was on that as well. I don’t like this, I’ll bust yous both up, do yous want a spar I will set flights right now for you both for a full on spar each.

“Hotel, black forge inn the lot. #letssparomalley and #garcia two little ostarine heads…What do you think you are at? If I was Haney’s dad you’re dead no matter what for doing that. Crazy…You little fool. Get your head together cos I gonna smash it in with elbows if you don’t. Fair play Devin well done. Your performance has just become even more heroic! Bravo,” McGregor stated


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