Conor McGregor Still Hasn’t Enrolled In USADA

According to reports, Conor McGregor has not yet resumed his participation in the USADA testing pool in preparation for his comeback.

It is anticipated that McGregor will return to the Octagon after a two-year hiatus in 2023. And his opponent is set to be Michael Chandler. And yet, a significant query has been about when Conor will make a comeback.

As he is required to fulfill the six-month USADA testing criteria, it seems like he will be able to return in the latter half of the year.

According to a tweet, however, it appears that the Irishman has not yet re-enrolled in the USADA system.

“As of March 13, Conor McGregor doesn’t show any USADA Sample Counts in 2023,” Jed I. Goodman

At present, both McGregor and Chandler are serving as coaches in the most recent season of The Ultimate Fighter.

So assuming McGregor enters within the next seven days, he would be able to come back before September. 

With that being said, McGregor’s return cannot come soon enough.

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