Conor McGregor Wants ‘Date Set’ On His UFC Return, Dana White Hopeful For Fall

The uncertainty surrounding Conor McGregor’s return to the UFC has been at times a very frustrating situation for fans, now it seems the frustration has peaked in “The Notorious” as well.

In a post on New Year’s Eve, fans thought there was finally a formal date set for the return of the former two-division champion. McGregor took to Instagram to announce he would finally face Michael Chandler in June. But, the excitement of this announcement was quickly squashed by UFC CEO Dana White, who expressed that no plans have been put in place for either fighter.

Now, it seems McGregor’s temper has started to boil over with the whole situation. Furthermore, his most recent post to social media solidified the fact for the community that no behind the scenes plans are being made at this time.

Update: Dana White comments on McGregor vs. Chandler via Pat McAfee Show


In a separate exchange last month on X (Twitter), McGregor and Chandler teased that their match could happen at UFC 300. This was another announcement that was far from official and only added to the headache and confusion caused by rumors and speculation.

The setting of this bout seems to have been a complete mess since day one. Once McGregor had re-entered the USADA drug testing pool, it was said he could fight as early as April. But, with no announcement made following that news, fans truly began to question whether this fight would even happen at all.

At this point, the most Dana White has said on the subject is “When Conor is ready to fight, we’ll announce it”.

On a recent episode of the “Weighing In” podcast, former Strikeforce champion and UFC competitor Josh Thomson gave his opinion on the potential of this fight even happening. Sadly, given the nature of the delays, the below quote is a sentiment that is shared widely in the MMA community.

“I think people are assuming that Conor is gonna come back and fight Michael Chandler. I don’t think we’re gonna see Conor this year. Yeah, I don’t think we’re gonna see Conor this year. Like Dana came out the other day and goes ‘Look, you know, when Conor’s ready, you know, we’ll see Conor fight,”

“I disagree with the fact that ‘When Conor’s ready, we’ll have a fight for him. I think that’s BS also, I think right now is what you’re seeing is you’re seeing a holdout by the UFC on his contract. He has one fight left, he doesn’t want- the UFC never wants their fighter to go away with one fight left on the contract,”

-Josh Thomson via Weighing In podcast




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