Cordina: ‘I Feel I’m At That Top Level’

At 28, Welsh prospect Joe Cordina is just starting to create his own path to prominence. A gold medalist in the European Amateur Championships and a bronze medalist in the Commonwealth Games, Cordina (11-0) believes that in due time he will be ready for a title shot.

Speaking on Matchroom Boxing’s “The LockDown Tapes” podcast, Cordina discussed his growth and where he sees himself now and in the future.

“Talent-wise I feel I’m at that top level, if not beyond some of the fighters, but I don’t have the World level experience that they have had yet,” Cordina said. “I’ve had 12 and ten round fights, but it’s being in with World level fights time and again so for me, two, three, four of those fights at that level, I think I’ll be ready to take a title off of one of the big boys.”

Cordina made his professional debut in 2017, beating Jose Aguilar via TKO. In his seventh pro fight, he beat Hakim Ben Ali for the WBA International Lightweight Title. Since then, he has won the Commonwealth and British Lightweight Titles. In his last bout, Cordina beat Enrique Tinoco for the WBA Continental Super-Featherweight Title.

While several fight cards have been postponed, Cordina is ready to fight whenever the time is right. If you asked him, he would want a title shot, but he also knows how to be smart about it. A bout he is interested in: Jhonny Gonzalez, the former WBC Featherweight Champion. Cordina is also interested in facing Rocky Martinez, the former WBO Junior-Lightweight Champion.

Moving around in weight is important for his growth, as Cordina has ideas in place for how he wants to handle his fight future.

“I felt comfortable at Lightweight like against Gavin Gwynne, not once did I think he’s too strong or this or that, at the same time though he’s British level,” Cordina went on to say. “These World level fighters are the same size as Gavin is, they can bang, and they are going to be stronger.

“I just felt that my best chance of winning a World title now is at Super Featherweight, don’t get me wrong, I do believe I could win a World title at Lightweight and who knows that I could move up in the future and do it but at the present moment my best chance is at 130lbs and I believe that in around three to five fights I will win one of them.”

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