Cormier: I Believe Jones is a Cheater

Jon Jones’ suspension for a failed drug test may have been proven to be a result of negligence rather than pure cheating. But that does not stop rival Daniel Cormier from believing that throughout Jones’s entire career he has been bending the rules to his advantage.

Speaking to Luke Thomas, Cormier said that Jones’s choices, such as using cocaine prior to a fight, prove that he is not a fighter that is concerned with staying within the rules regardless of his intentions. And for that reason, Cormier does not feel the need to censor himself when discussing Jones’s substance abuse in public forums like last week’s press conference.

“These things are so public,” Cormier said. These instances are so public. If he was doing all this stuff to himself and by himself and not affecting people, I probably wouldn’t say anything. But his indiscretions and mess-ups have greatly influenced my career, too, in the way I’m perceived. A lot of people may say, ‘Well, you would never be the champion if he didn’t do those things.’ Maybe he would’ve beat me again, but we would’ve fought already to decide that.”

After Cormier made light of Jones’s issues with drugs at the press conference last Friday, many fans criticized the light-heavyweight champion for making comments that could offend others with addiction issues. But Cormier compares his own choices to Jones’s, and says that only one of them has chosen the path of a real professional.

“But even though I am champion, because of the things that he’s done to get in that situation, people never really, truly respect me as they should,” Cormier said. “Not only are they not respecting me as they should, they’re discrediting everything I have done. So, it’s not off limits.”

“And my whole thing is this. Some guy said this to me: ‘Daniel, if you knew the struggle, you would never say the things you say.’ And I said, ‘Well, I don’t know the struggle, because I know how dangerous it is. So I don’t mess with it.’

“You’re not born with addiction issues. You make the choice to start to mess with that.”

Ultimately, because of Jones’s indiscretions, Cormier cannot help but label his rival and UFC 214 opponent as a lifelong cheater.

“If you’re willing to do that right before a fight, and that’s something that can be detrimental to you going forward, why wouldn’t you do something that could help you? That’s my philosophy. I could be wrong. I do believe that this dude has been cheating his entire life, though. Why not?”

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