Cormier’s Coach Thinks DC Has 2-3 Fights Left

Daniel Cormier has made it known that he will retire after his 40th birthday on March 20th, but his coach Javier Mendez feels like he still has some left in the tank.

“If Dana had his way, there’d be three left. And you know what, Dana has a pretty good way of persuading people,” Mendez said of the UFC President’s desire for the heavyweight champion to stick around. “I like Dana, so I don’t know — we may see two or three [more fights]. I don’t know, I think so. I think Dana has a way of making things good for DC and making it right, so yeah, possibly. I wouldn’t be surprised.”

“For me, I love DC so much, that if DC says tomorrow, ‘Jav, I’m done,’ then I’m going to encourage him to be done. But if he says, ‘Jav, I want to fight again,’ then I’m going to be on-board with him,” Mendez said of Cormier’s future. “I’m with whatever DC wants. I love that guy so much, he’s such a great team captain and a great individual and a great friend. He’s not endangering his health, so for me, whatever he wants, I’m going to be onboard. So, if he tells me tomorrow, ‘I’m done,’ then I’ll tell you he’s done, but if he says, ‘I’m going to fight 10 more fights, Jav,’ let’s fight 10 more fights. This is DC’s train. I’m on-board, and I’m glad to be onboard, and I’ll ride it until he doesn’t want to be onboard.”

While Cormier’s hand-picked opponent, Brock Lesnar is still “up in the air” as a fight before the March deadline, Mendez wants to see that fight happen. If not, Mendez would prefer Cormier stay at heavyweight.

Would I rather have him at heavyweight, yeah,” Mendez said. “But knowing DC, the competitor that he is, he lost to [Jones] as a light heavyweight — I wouldn’t be surprised if DC says [a potential third fight is at] light heavyweight. But me personally, if he asks my advice, I’m gonna say if you’re gonna fight the guy, then I would like it at heavyweight.

“But really, like I said, for me, I only want him to fight Brock, one fight, call it quits. He’s such an incredible coach, he’s an incredible analyst. Man, that guy is just made for TV. So, to me, he doesn’t need fighting. He doesn’t need it. So, for me, I’m with whatever he wants to do, but if I had a choice I would say fight Brock and then call it quits. Don’t fight anybody else. You don’t need to, you don’t need to. Move on, do some other great things, be involved with your son, watch him grow, watch him mature, watch him do their things like you always wanted to do. That’s what I would do. But DC’s the boss, so he calls the shots.”

Quotes Via MMA Fighting


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