Couture: Conor Deserves More from UFC

MMA legend Randy Couture is one of the biggest pushers to bring the Ali Act from boxing and expand it into MMA, and his prominent example of why it’s needed is arguably the face of MMA today — Conor McGregor.

As reported by MMA Mania, it may require a big enough payday from the UFC to bring the former featherweight champ and soon-to-be-stripped lightweight champ back after a $100 million payday for the “Money Fight” with Floyd Mayweather. And while it may be more money than the UFC has ever given a fighter, it may not reach the Money Fight levels, leading many to wonder if he’d ever come back to MMA ever again — despite McGregor’s guarantees.

That, Couture says, is where the Ali Act comes in, claiming McGregor’s case would be the perfect example of an MMA star not getting his fair share from promoters.

“[McGregor]’s the poster child for why we need the amendment for Mixed Martial Arts,” Couture said in an interview with Submission Radio. “It will be interesting to see if he comes back to MMA. There’s been a lot of rumors and a lot of talk. Has he been stripped of both his titles? Is he gonna come back and fight again? What’s gonna happen? Who’s he gonna fight? And the big question, what’s he gonna get paid after just getting paid 100 million dollars for a boxing match, even though it was just an exhibition and not for a title?

What’s he gonna get paid the next time that he comes back and fights in MMA under the UFC moniker? Why would he expect to get paid any less than he got for boxing? I can guarantee you they are not gonna give him that kind of money. So again, why? What’s the difference? Where is the flaw here?

McGregor has not publicly commented those trying to push the Ali Act into MMA yet, but Couture says he’s aware of the movement. A question upon McGregor’s return, given the influence he has in the sport now, is how he would use it — if he does — to help his fellow fighters.

“There needs to be transparency in our sport. The exclusive contracts need to be eliminated. We shouldn’t be coerced into giving away all these things in order to be ranked and fight for a title,” Couture said. “I should be able to know how much money is made off of any show that I fight in, so I can negotiate for my share of that, my portion of that. So if I’m Conor McGregor, he probably feels like he deserves a bigger piece, and certainly 15 percent of it or 17 percent of it as he’s the guy putting butts in seats and having people sell pay-per-views.

So all those things get brought into question by what Conor’s done so far. We would love to obviously have him involved and testify or be involved in pushing the Ali Act through.

Original Story: MMA Mania

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