COVID-19 The Cause of Nurmagomedov’s Father’s Health Issues

A few days ago, it was reported that Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov, the father of UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib, was in a coma in Russia. Recent complications from pneumonia led to him undergoing heart surgery. MMA Junkie later reported that he had woken up. Now, it appears the situation is worse than expected.

Khabib (28-0) has shared an update via Instagram on the condition of his father. It appears the surgery was also a result of the coronavirus.

“More than 20 of my close relatives have suffered (from) COVID-19 and also had to stay in intensive care. Some of them are not with us anymore,” Khabib stated, translated via MMA Junkie. “As for my father, there’s been so much support, and people kept asking about my father.

“My father is still at the hospital. He’s still going through this disease. He also had a heart complication due to COVID-19. Abdulmanap had surgery for his heart last year and also had the second one these days [sic], so he is still in bad condition. That’s all I can say.”

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Abdulmanap, 58, has been by his son’s side since the start of his career. Khabib credits his father for training him to be disciplined. His influence has brought some of the top Russian fighters to MMA, with some of them winning major titles. Khabib himself is the current UFC Lightweight Champion.

A few months ago, Khabib was supposed to face Tony Ferguson at UFC 249 in Brooklyn. He decided to stay in Russia to quarantine, postponing the bout. There was interest in competing on “Fight Island” after Ramadan, but with recent events, it is unknown how long it will be until we see Khabib fight.

“This virus has affected everyone,” Khabib went on to say, via MMA Fighting. “This virus doesn’t ask what your surname or name is, this virus doesn’t ask where you work, if you are rich or poor. Everyone has gotten ill. We can only overcome this together.”

Dana White offered his thoughts, as well as Khabib’s nemesis Conor McGregor.

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