Covington Blasts Usman For “Fake Injury”

Colby Covington promises a short night at the office when he gets his titleshot against UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman.

Usman is on the mend following a surgery for a double hernia, which Covington claims is  a “fake” injury.

“He’s faking injuries,” Covington on Monday told MMA Junkie. “He’s trying to use his belt as a bargaining, trying to get into Hollywood, go for Hollywood sets and stuff. He’s just following the Tyron Woodley gameplan: That’s fake injuries, delay the process as long as you can, hold up the division. It’s a sad state in the division, but I’m going to make the division great again soon.”

Covington himself pulled out of a potential title challenge against former champion Tyron Woodley in 2018, due to a sinus surgery performed after winning the interim title.

Usman has been openly critical of Covington’s “Make America Great Again” persona, and promised to unleash the “wrath of every immigrant” onto Covington.

“More lines that Ali Abdel-A-Sleaze is feeding him,” Covington said of Usman’s manager Ali Abdelaziz. “(Usman) doesn’t even know what he’s talking about to be honest. He doesn’t know the difference between legal and illegal immigrants. It’s a sad state. He’s trying to figure out his identity; he doesn’t know his identity. It’s just sad, man. He’s trying to be this good guy, but then he’s out attacking me in the Palms buffet line, putting people’s lives in danger. It’s sad. I can’t wait to punch a hole in his face.”

“I think anything goes,” Covington said of how to hype a fight.. “You just want to generate fans and get people to view. But you’ve got to know what you’re talking about. Don’t make this a political thing if you don’t know anything about politics. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s just going to make himself look really stupid. And that’s probably why he’s got a Division II education, and I’ve got a Division I education from a prestigious university.”

“It’s going to look like an amateur vs. a professional. He’s going to look like an amateur that night. He’s tried to copy my blueprint to success his whole career. The (Rafael dos Anjos) fight, the Demian Maia fight, even the Woodley fight. Those are things I’ve already done. I left those guys for dead, and he came and picked the bones off the carcasses. He hasn’t done anything that I haven’t done yet. He wants to be me, but he’s never going to beat me. It’s going to look real bad. I promise you that. He’s going to be in a pool of blood, and he’s going to have to go away from the octagon in a stretcher.”

Looking at where he stands in the welterweight division, Covington believes that: “I’ve kind of been on top of the mountain by myself for a while, so this just kind of clears it out more. There’s nowhere else to go for Marty Usman. He’s been faking injuries. He’s trying to fight anybody but me. But now there’s nobody else. I’m the only one here, so there’s nowhere for him to run and hide anymore. …

“It’s exciting times for the welterweight division. I just want to keep knocking off top contender after top contender. I told the UFC, I told Dana (White) that I was here to make the division great again, and that’s by doing what the fans want, what the people want. Whoever they say is next, that’s going to be who’s next.”

Initial Report MMA Junkie

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