Covington Broke Jaw Blames Ref For UFC 245 Loss

The Colby Covington hype train may have been derailed on Saturday night, as the former interim welterweight champion was stopped in the fifth round of his UFC 245 main event against undisputed welterweight champion Kamaru Usman.

Covington held his own for most of the five-round war for the welterweight title, but as the fight pressed on, the champion dictated the pace and kept Covington on his feet. In the third round Usman rattled Covington with a shot to the jaw that would fracture the bone.

After being stopped after being sent to the ground twice in the final frame, Covington would run out of the Octagon prior to the official decision and then was transported to a local hospital. A statement from the UFC following the card confirmed that the American Top Team fighter suffered a “non-displaced midline mandible fracture.”

“Normally people do their f***ing in the bedroom, not the Octagon,” Covington posted to social media following the loss. “Marc Goddard, I go in there to kill or be killed. You robbed me of that. You robbed the people of a fair fight.

“You should be ashamed of yourself. Fake nut shot. Fake eye poke. Fake stoppage. Fake ref.”

While all of these points can be disputed, especially since Covington was poked in the eye in a less obvious way than he poked Usman’s eye, Covington posted that he will continue to press on despite being “robbed.”


“Just a kid from Oregon chasing the American Dream,” Covington wrote on Instagram. “Working hard and earning everything in my life the hard way since day one. I put myself out there in front of the world to kill or be killed. Marc Godard robbed me tonight with piss poor officiating. He let my opponent fake injuries for extra time and stopped the fight early.

“Just like America, my will and spirit can never be broken. Speed bumps can’t slow me down. You people ain’t seen nothing yet.”

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