Covington Claims Credit For Welterweight Depth

After following Dana White around a casino, threatening to quit, and ranting about being passed over for a title shot, Colby Covington admits that he and White have patched things up.

Speaking with Ariel Helwani on the Ariel Helwani MMA Show, the former interim UFC welterweight champion, adorned with the title, his usual MAGA hat, and various other Donald Trump memorabilia, as is his gimmick, said his relationship with the UFC President is better than ever.

“Things are good, man,” Covington said. “We’ve never been better ever since our exchange in Vegas. I finally got my face to face with him and he understands me and I understand him now. We see eye to eye now and here we are, we’re ready to do big business.”

“I knew it would work out for the best,” Covington said following a stretch that saw Covington demand his release from the company, threaten legal action, show up at UFC events with his interim title, and confront Dana White at a blackjack table. “[Dana] just needed to understand my side. We never got to sit down and really talk before. That’s the first time we’ve ever exchanged words for more than five minutes when we were in the White House waiting to see the President in the Oval Office. But now he understands me, he knows where I’m coming from, he knows what I’m trying to do and trying to accomplish in this sport. Before it’s all said and done, he’s gonna know that I am the welterweight GOAT.”

“We got Woodley and Lawler fighting for the senior citizens championships,” Covington said of the division he tried to “make great again,” lifting the idea from Trump. “Those guys should be retired by now, they’re embarrassing. We got Ben Askren, he’s already gonna go get embarrassed in front of the whole world when he goes against [Jordan] Burroughs at Beat The Streets. We got my good buddy Jorge [Masvidal] climbing his way up, which we’ve had countless sparring sessions and training accounts together. Then we got me and Marty Fake Snoozeman at the top of the mountain right now ready to settle it. It’s an interesting time in the welterweight division, but I called this all, Ariel. Didn’t I say I was gonna make the welterweight division great again? And that’s exactly what I did.”

“I’ve been living rent free in that guy’s head for the last couple of years,” Covington concluded of current welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman.

“He’s been begging to fight me and making up this fake news narrative that I’ve been ducking him when I never ducked him. He was trying to fight me when I already had fights set with guys ahead of me. I wasn’t going to go backwards. Now I’m right here with him and there’s no one else at the top of the mountain to fight and he’s begging for anyway out. He’s looking for any other fighter to fight him but me, the only guy, the most deserving, the guy who earned his shot and has a belt. So I know I’m under his skin, I know I’m living rent-free in his head, and it’s just a matter of time until I turn his lights out.”

Hopefully the next time these two men meet is inside the Octagon and not a casino buffet line, as it tends to get a little rowdy waiting for scrambled eggs.


Quotes Transcribed by MMA Fighting

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