Covington: Diaz Is A Journeyman And Is Ducking Me

Following UFC 241, Nate Diaz made it clear that he didn’t know or respect Colby Covington enough to want to fight him inside the Octagon.

Covington, who is not one to shirk from the spotlight or the microphone, decided to clap back at the pride of Stockton, California, while on the TSN MMA Show.

“I could give a s**t less about that journeyman Nate Diaz,” Covington said of Diaz, who was the main event of one of the biggest cards in UFC history at UFC 202. “He’s another .500 level fighter. He wins one fight for every loss and [is] a guy that sits out three years. Who gives a s**t about that guy. I’ve steamrolled real men that have rag-dolled that little snowflake. The only thing worse than his lisp and his speech impediment is his wrestling.

“The thing is, nobody every accused Nate Diaz of being smart but avoiding me and not talking about me might be the smartest thing that b*tch-boy’s ever done. He knows exactly who I am. His brother, we were supposed to set up the fight last year at Madison Square Garden until he got cold feet and pulled out last minute. But they know exactly who I am. I’m the king of the f*cking division. I’ve got a belt around my shoulders, something he’ll never see. The only thing he may ever get a belt in is the weed industry but he needs to stop being hooked on weed and get hooked on phonics. That guy is a mental midget.”

Diaz is uninterested in fighting anyone who he doesn’t think is a real “gangster,” and made note of such following his win against Anthony Pettis. Diaz is looking to fight Jorge Masvidal later this year, as the former Ultimate Fighter winner believes the Florida fighter is the only “gangster” left in the UFC.

“Yeah, you know, it’s a battle of the journeymen,” Covington said of the fight between Diaz and his teammate. “It’s an exciting fight, the battle of the .500 level fighter. Let’s see, Nate Diaz is 1-1 in the last three years, Jorge Masvidal is 2-2 in the last year or two. So it’s a battle of the journeymen. It’s a battle of the .500 fighters so I’m excited to see who comes out on top.”

Covington’s dig at Masvidal has people wondering if there is an issue between the two American Top Team fighters, but Covington feels there is no issue and that he’s just speaking the truth.

“No, not at all. No trouble in paradise,” Covington said. “Have I said anything that’s a lie? Where’s the lie? I’m saying all truth and facts. If someone gets mad at me for saying facts, then you’re living in denial, you’re living in a delusional world. So there’s no beef. He’s still my best friend. We go way back. You don’t know what me and that guy have been through. We’ve been through so much together so I got nothing but respect and love for him. He’s my brother.

“There’s nothing in my contract that says I have to be nice and there’s nothing in our friendship that says I need to say nice words all the time,” Covington summated. “We troll each other all the time. He calls me sh*t all the time. He says things to me, maybe it’s not on camera, but we joke around all the time. It’s nothing serious.”

When asked about a return to the Octagon this November to face welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, Covington says he’s ready to “save” the Garden.

“That’s what I’m thinking but we’ll see if Marty Fake Newsman shows up,” Covington said.

“That’s what I want, to go fight in Madison Square Garden, the most iconic arena in the world. There’s only one guy that can truly save that arena because the Knicks are screwing everything up. They’re tarnishing the legacy so they need to put Colby Chaos Covington vs. Marty Fake Newsman on the marquee at MSG, November 2nd. We’ll see if the UFC can get it right or if Marty Fake Newsmand keeps faking injuries and ducking me.”

Quotes via MMA Fighting

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