Covington Injured His Foot In First Round Against Edwards

Colby Covington has revealed he suffered a foot injury in the first round during his welterweight title clash with Leon Edwards at UFC 296.

The pressure was on Covington to perform following his controversial pre-fight comments. He mentioned Edwards’ late father, who had been murdered, as the champion responded by throwing a water bottle. Those words came back to haunt Covington as he lost via a unanimous decision. Following the defeat, Covington blamed his inactivity for his below-par performance.

His last fight entering into this was against Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272 in March 2022. While Covington said he didn’t have a scratch on him post-fight, ‘Chaos’ has backtracked on those comments by revealing an injury. He disclosed breaking his foot after Edwards blocked his first kick with his elbow. He refrained from telling his coaches in fear this would be televised and then given to Edwards’ corner.

“I broke my foot in like the first 30 seconds of the fight, that people don’t know about yet – the X-rays will start coming out. The first minute of the fight. I have the picture on my phone, the exact moment where it landed on his elbow. You feel it swelling up. At the end of the first round, you’re like man that hurts. Usually I sit on the stool, and I didn’t want to sit down on the stool. Landed right on the right elbow, the top of the foot,” Covington

Covington’s performance was criticized even if he did have an injury. He failed to fight on the front foot, as Edwards controlled the center. A series of leg kicks also slowed Covington as he had no answer to the champion’s aggressiveness. Edwards also surprisingly out-grappled Covington in the championship rounds. That was Covington’s third loss in a title fight, but he lamented the injury for poor his performance. 

“It’s tough/ It limits your mobility. I couldn’t really move after that. I was kind of stuck in place, and I was just trying to make sure that I could get through the fight. I never quit,” Covington


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