Covington Insults New York Knicks…Why?

Colby Covington returns from an over one-year layoff on August 3rd, as he fights Robbie Lawler in the main event of UFC’s return to the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

How did Covington celebrate? Utilizing 1980’s wrestling lines and insulting the New York Knicks…


Covington on his Instagram page, wearing his ever-present MAGA hat, to remind people that he’s totally friends with Donald Trump and that he’s “provocative,” posted a photo with himself and two bikini-clad women who were not “northeast slags” and then a photo in-front of Madison Square Garden insulting the New York Knicks, saying he’d make the Garden great again… even though his fight is across the Hudson River in Newark, New Jersey, where there has not been an NBA team there in nearly a decade.


“Over the last 20+ years, The New York Knicks have tarnished the legacy of this iconic arena,” the man looking to replace Conor McGregor posted on his Instagram page. “There’s only one man who could ever make it truly GREAT again!!!”

Covington continues to carry around his interim welterweight title, which he won in 2018, and was stripped of when then-champion Tyron Woodley.

The former college wrestling star studies under the learning tree of Dan Lambert at American Top Team, who is an avid pro wrestling fan, and has been partnering with wrestling organizations for the past few years, which can explain Covington’s attempts to get a rise out of other fighters, the media, or the fanbase.

Does Covington’s schtick work for you? Do you enjoy “Chaos'” antics? Does he believe what he is saying?

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