Covington: Usman Is The CNN Of The UFC

Prior to headlining the lowest-rated ESPN card of the year, Colby Covington decided that he’d make Madison Square Garden great again.

The American Top Team fighter has his chance with all signs indicating he and Kamaru Usman clashing for Usman’s UFC welterweight title at UFC 244 in November.

“I can’t wait to bury that guy,” Covington told MMA Fighting of the man he calls Marty Fakenewsman. “Me and Dan Lambert were calling for that fight as soon as he won “The Ultimate Fighter” and he beat my teammates at American Top Team. We were begging for that fight and him and Glenn [Robinson] turned that fight down.”


“It’s time to unify my belt with Marty Fakenewsman,” Covington said in reference to the interim title he won in 2018 and was stripped of prior to Tyron Woodley’s undisputed title defense against Darren Till later that year. “This fight has so many angles. The Palms buffet line, look at Marty Fakenewsman, he was faking an injury when he fought [Tyron] Woodley. He’s in a wheelchair after the fight with Woodley, acting like he’s hurt getting wheelchaired to the press conference and eight hours later he’s jumping me in the Palms buffet line jumping over barricades, pushing a pregnant late out of the way to get to me.

“It just shows how fake he is. He’s the CNN of the UFC.”

“I feel really bad for my friends because when the Usman [betting] line first came out, I was like a 3-to-1 underdog and all my friends were going to get rich,” Covington said of the odds set before he soundly bested Robbie Lawler at UFC Newark last month. “Now I feel bad, now that the world’s seen what I’m capable of, the Vegas lines are sharp. It’s probably going to be a pick ‘em. I mean it should be me as a 3-to-1 favorite but they put credibility in Usman’s win over Woodley, which is a joke. Because Woodley’s not even a top 20 fighter anymore.”

“But I feel bad because I wanted everybody to get rich when I dust up Marty Fakenewsman and honestly leave him unconscious and he has to leave the Octagon on a stretcher but now my friends aren’t going to get rich. They’re only going to be able to make a little bit of money now that the world has seen what I’m truly capable of doing. It kind of sucks.”

“I’m seriously going to leave that dude f***ing crippled. I’m going to f**k that dude up,” Covington said with his traditional pro wrestling hyperbole.

“It’s too bad he was running from me for so many years. Now he has no choice. It’s either you fight me, or you don’t fight at all. You lose your No. 1 contender belt and we don’t hear from you anymore and the world figures out the coward that you really are. He’s got nowhere to go. It’s put up or shut up.”

Report: MMA Fighting

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