Covington Would Fight Woodley “On A Day’s Notice”

Colby Covington has decided to call out UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, now believes Woodley is ducking him, while he’d take a fight with them on a “days’ notice.”

“Yo, TyQuil. I’m not saying NyQuil. There’s a new thing that’s been replaced,” Covington said on BJ Penn Radio.

“If you have a sleeping disorder, just get TyQuil, Tyron Woodley, the gossip girl. You need to stop running, man. Stop f*****g making up all this s**t, all these lies. Oh, you can beat me easy. If I’m such an easy fight, come get this easy fight, mother f****r. You got my belt. You got something that belongs to me. So, keep it warm for me because I’m coming to get it, mother f****r. F**k you, Tyron Woodley.”

Covington was set to face Woodley earlier this year but would be replaced by Darren Till after Covington wanted to change the date due to an injury. Woodley would defeat Till in the second round of their UFC 228 main event, and now Covington says all he needs is one day’s notice to face Woodley.

“I’m the number one contender. I’ve beaten these guys that Tyron fought,” Covington said. “I beat these guys a lot worse than Tyron beat them. So, at the end of the day, I’m ready to fight Tyron at a week’s notice, a day’s notice, whenever he wants to go. But it’s ducking season. He’s going to be ducking me for a while.”

“He’s fought me in the gym, and I’ve taken his soul in the gym. So, he knows I’m a bad match-up, and he’s going to try and duck me as long as he can.”

Report: BJPenn Radio

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