Crackdown In Germany Sees Members Of Three Major Far-Right MMA Extremist Groups Detained

German law and security council are on a mission to eliminate far-right extremist groups conducting unlawful fight clubs as the investigators raided more than 50 homes across the country.

Earlier this month, the German Police force carried out a special operation targeting the far-right MMA extremist groups. The operation was simultaneously carried out across 11 states with significant success.

Among those arrested were the members of the extremist MMA faction Knockout 51, Combat 18, and Atomwaffen Division, a U.S.-based neo-Nazi network.

Knockout 51, one of the outlawed MMA organizations, has three of its core members being detained in the process. The banned group has been in the business of training young male youth for street fights.

The Atomwaffen Division is the only extremist group that is operating within the United States. Though not among the prominent radical groups, there still remains a high suspicion of their activities across the U.S.

Combat 18, a neo-Nazi extremist group that surfaced in the UK, was also the center of attention during this operation. The outlawed mob has been involved in street fighting and is reportedly largely linked with the assassination of German Politician Walter Lübcke.

Combat 18 is also affiliated with the neo-Nazi fight promotion Kampf der Nibelungen or KdN, a far-right combat sports promotion operating in East Germany.

Several countries across the globe have seen a major rise in far-right mixed martial arts activity over the last decade or so.

Germany has taken a big step in monitoring strictly, setting up a good example for other countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States to follow where these far-right groups hold their activities.

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