Crawford-Benavidez Get Into Shouting Match

Things got heated at Wednesday’s media workout between Jose Benavidez and WBO welterweight champion, Terence Crawford that nearly lead to both fighters throwing hands three days prior to fight night.

Crawford would arrive to the B&B Boxing Academy in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, while Benavidez was training for the welterweight title fight,  and then the two would get real personal, really quick.

“I’m gonna do you a favor. Afterwards, I’m gonna fix your teeth. You better be ready,” Benavidez would tell Crawford from inside the ring.

While Crawford would go after Benavidez’ heritage telling him that Crawford would “gonna get all them burritos out you, boy.”

The welterweight titleholder would also tell Benavidez to back up the smack talk by putting his purse on it, and then insulting Benavidez’ mother.

The two would be held back from fighting one another in the gym.


Initial Report: TMZ

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