Crawford Denies The Spence Sparring Stories, Spence Looking To ‘Seek & Destroy’

Terence Crawford has denied ever sparring Errol Spence Jr.

The highly-anticipated welterweight showdown between the two fighters will take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on July 29th, 2023.

According to Shane Mosley, Spence caused damage to Crawford during a sparring session.

That fueled speculation that Spence may have an edge over Crawford in their upcoming fight.

“I can only go by what I heard that Spence kind of did some damage to Crawford when they sparred. It’s going to be hard for him to fight with a guy he’s been in the ring with before, and they both know each other. They both know what’s going on,” Mosley 

Despite this, Crawford’s impressive record in the welterweight division speaks for itself. He has successfully stopped all of his opponents, including Shawn Porter, which is a feat that Spence failed to accomplish.

Moreover, since Crawford has grown accustomed to the weight class, any damage inflicted by Spence during their sparring session may not be as significant.

And yet, Crawford dismissed the idea that he ever sparred with Spence.

“He said he was there? I love Shane, but everybody who knows me and Errol knows that we have never sparred,” Crawford 

Regardless of whether they did spar, Spence has made it clear that he is seeking to ‘destroy’ the WBO champion. 

Much has been said about Spence’s ability to break down fighters, as shown in his wins over Mikey Garcia and Kell Brook.

Although that may be the case, Spence faces a man who has stopped all of his opponents at welterweight.

And yet, the ‘Truth’ is not leaving anything to chance. So much so that he is looking for a statement win that would rule out the possibility of a rematch.

“If I beat the will out of him, he probably won’t take it. I’m just getting my body for an all-out war because I don’t know what he’s going to bring to the table. It could be anything. It’s all about training your body physically and mentally to prepare for war.

“Come July 29th, I expect him to have nothing but destruction on his mind, and that’s the same thing for me. I have nothing but destruction on my mind. Basically, go out to seek & destroy,” Spence

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