Crawford Dislikes Jermell Charlo – ‘He’s A Fake Individual’

Terence Crawford revealed that things are personal between him and Jermell Charlo, as he admitted disliking the latter. 

During Crawford’s dominant performance against Errol Spence Jr, Bud turned his attention to the crowd when he knocked Spence down for the second time in the seventh round.

Thereafter, Crawford could be heard telling Charlo the following words: “You’re next.”

That naturally confirmed that Crawford was not a fan of the undisputed junior middleweight champion, as he recalled Charlo’s prior disrespect.

This was in reference to how the Charlo brothers changed their tune when Bud moved up to welterweight and had his success after having had a good relationship initially.

And given that he was being linked with the Spence fight, Jermell let Crawford know that he was team Spence all the way. In response, this is what Crawford had to say. 

“I don’t like Jermell for the simple fact that I feel he’s a fake individual. I feel Errol is real, I feel he’s genuine. I feel he stand on 10 toes on everything that he say or do. I feel like Jermell is just, you know, one of those guys that do a lot for attention.

“For him to start bashing me and talking bad about me and saying I’m gonna get knocked out, just going out his way to say little slick s**t about me, I was just like, ‘Man, that’s some h** s**t’ We don’t do s**t like that. If you cool with him and you more cool with him, just say that and keep it pushin’. You don’t got to act like no extra way and doing all that extra s**t,” Crawford

With that being said, Charlo has admitted that he would be open to facing Crawford following his fight with Canelo Alvarez.

And if Bud manages to overcome a potential rematch with Spence, then the chances of that fight happening will only increase. 

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