Crawford Doesn’t ‘Think’ That Spence Should Retire

Terence Crawford has dismissed suggestions that Errol Spence Jr. should retire. 

Crawford stopped the ‘Truth’ in a one-sided fight to become the first undisputed welterweight champion of the four-belt era.

This included a performance with three knockdowns, as Spence rarely threatened. The post-fight comments suggested that Spence should walk away from the sport, as Stephen. A. Smith was very vocal about that.

“I believe that Errol Spence Jr. should consider retirement,” Stephen. A. Smith

This was one the basis that Spence had earned mega paydays and did manage to become the unified welterweight champion. 

Although that may have been the case, Spence indicated his desire to have a rematch at 154 pounds.

And yet, Crawford has advised Spence to take some time off before deciding what he should do next rather than just retire. 

“Well, I don’t think he should retire. I think he should take a little time off, you know, get his mind right and, you know, get back in the gym and get back focused.

“Because, you know, I never took a loss in the professional rankings. But I know how that could affect you mentally, you know, being at this high level and losing the way [Spence] lost.

“So, I just would tell him, you know, ‘You a great fighter. Take a little time off and come back and, you know, do it again. But don’t rush it,” Crawford said

The response on social media was much the same, as many felt that one loss did not define Spence’s career.

Social Media Response

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