Crawford Looks Back On Why He Fell Out With Top Rank

Terence Crawford has opened up on the reasons why he fell out with Top Rank.

Bud had been a mainstay fighter on Top Rank, only to depart from the organization in 2021.

During the course of that process, Crawford had struggled to make the Errol Spence Jr. fight with Top Rank.

Instead, Bud departed to ‘cross the street’ as he finally secured the undisputed fight.

And Crawford put on an impeccable performance to stop Spence in the ninth round after having knocked him down three times.

The rest was history, as Crawford cemented his position as a pay-per-view star. But looking back, it was a move that was necessary in light of his struggles with Top Rank.

“Once you get older and once you start noticing that you’re in control of your own business, ‘Okay, so, let me see the contracts. Let me see what’s really coming in.

“Once I started asking those type of questions or learning a little bit here and there, then it became a problem between me and my old promoter [Bob Arum of Top Rank], and at that point in time, I knew it was time to go,” Crawford said 

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