Crawford Returns To Training, Dismisses Spence’s Greatness, Targets Three Times Undisputed

Terence Crawford has returned to training ahead of a potential rematch in December against Errol Spence Jr.

Spence exercised his rematch clause shortly after being stopped by Crawford in the ninth round. The latter became the first undisputed welterweight champion of the four-belt era. And now the attention has turned to the rematch. The weight class needs to be determined, although Crawford allegedly has the final say, having won the first fight. Meanwhile, a date needs to be set for both fighters to target moving forward. With that being said, this is what Bud had to say.

“He exercised his rematch [clause] and that’s the fight that’s supposed to happen next. We shall see how negotiations go. We supposed to fight in December, and yeah, I’m back in training.

“The contract states that either one or the other gotta notify in writing that he can no longer make the weight. If not, then the fight will be at 147.

“The contract states that it has to go at 147 since neither I or Errol notified each other stating that we can’t make the weight,” Crawford

So, as of now, a fight at welterweight seems more likely. But in the meantime, Crawford did not have too many positive words about Spence’s performance. The manner in which he managed to stop the former unified welterweight champion, which included three knockdowns, was unexpected. And looking back, Crawford had more respect for his previous opponents.

“If you look at my fight with Errol Spence and how easily I defeated Errol Spence compared to all these guys [I fought in the past] that they were calling bums, that should tell them something right there. The guys you were calling bums put up a better fight than your favorite fighter. The fight was much easier than I thought it would have been,” Crawford

However, there is a chance that Bud will not fight Spence if the terms are not agreed. Spence’s desire was to have a rematch at 154 after suggestions that the weight cut at welterweight was too taxing. However, if those issues cannot be resolved, then Crawford has his sights on another fight. He opened up about how he sees himself walking away from the sport by being a three-weight-undisputed champion. And with that, a fight against Canelo Alvarez or Jermell Charlo could happen, depending on the winner. After all, Bud saw himself as the best welterweight of this era.

“There’s no comparison. When you compare Errol Spence to Terence Crawford, there is no comparison. My career, I’m already going to the Hall of Fame. If we retire right now, he’s not going to the Hall of Fame…Another fight for the undisputed, and then I walk away. Three times undisputed,” Crawford

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