Crawford Vs. Spence Rematch Targeted For February 2024

Errol Spence Jr’s rematch with Terence Crawford is being lined up for February.

That is according to ESPN’s Mike Coppinger. Following Crawford’s stoppage win over Spence in the ninth round to become the first undisputed welterweight champion of the four-belt era, the latter exercised his rematch clause. The news did divide the boxing community, with some questioning whether Spence should take the rematch immediately. As we have reported previously, Mike Tyson did advise Spence to avoid jumping straight back in with Bud.

Aside from that, there are other issues that need addressing. Crawford’s win has allowed the boxer to pick the weight class, as Spence’s preference for the rematch at 154 pounds hangs in the balance. Crawford did confirm that the contract outlined the rematch at 147 unless either side expressed otherwise.

“Well the contract states that either one or the other gotta notify in writing that he can no longer make the weight. If not, the fight will be at 47. The contract states that it has to go at 47 since neither I nor Errol notified each other saying that we can’t make the weight,” Crawford stated

A disagreement over the weight class could, therefore, disrupt the rematch. A fight at junior middleweight does not improve Crawford’s resume, given that there are no titles on the line. Meanwhile, a fight at 147 was so one-sided that there is an expectation of a similar result, given Spence’s reluctance to fight at welterweight.

At the same time, a fight with Jermell Charlo no longer appeals to Bud following the latter’s one-sided loss to Canelo Alvarez. Meanwhile, Canelo has distanced himself from facing Crawford. With that being said, the boxing community were divided over whether they wanted to see a rematch.

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