Crews-Dezurn Hoping For Strict Jimenez Punishment

When it comes to rectifying a loss, Franchon Crews-Dezurn is hoping common sense comes into play.

Crews-Dezurn (6-1, 1NC) is still waiting for the WBC to reinstate her as WBC Super-Middleweight Champion following the recent controversy surrounding Alejandra Jimenez. Following a split decision loss to Jimenez (12-0-1, 1NC) back in January where she lost the WBO and WBC Titles, Jimenez tested positive for stanazolol, a banned substance. As a result, the WBO stripped her of the belt and reinstated Crews-Dezurn as champion. The WBC has yet to comply.

“The WBC has had enough time to do their investigation,” Crews-Dezurn stated to Boxing Scene. “My situation is not complicated.”

The test took place the evening of the fight, and VADA reported the findings to the WBC and the WBO. Both boxers underwent contractually-obligated drug tests through the VADA system. Jimenez’s “A” sample from January 10 tested positive, Crews-Dezurn’s results came back negative. A 90-day suspension was issued by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations following the result. Jimenez was meant to share her “B” sample to VADA testing, but she has elected to do so at a later date, February 19.

Jimenez then failed to comply with providing sustainable evidence of her potential innocence, forcing the hand of the WBO. Her B-sample ended up coming back positive as well.

The WBC are still putting this matter under investigation. Crews-Dezurn has shared her thoughts before about the case, stating how disrespectful it was for her to wait for her belt to be given back. She has offered to fight Jimenez with no testing and better pay. Now, she is hoping for some justice.

“She (Jimenez) should be suspended for two years,” Crews-Dezurn went on to say. “That makes sense. At least two years. They definitely need to handle her bag because she affected my bag. Being a champion increases your earning potential and she had to cheat in order to try to take that away from me.

“It’s OK, though. The universe never fails.”

It should be noted that Golden Boy’s Oscar De La Hoya has been in full support of Crews-Dezurn  throughout the entire process. He has since kept out of the issue, allowing the sanctioning bodies to take care of it all.

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