Crews-Dezurn Responds To The WBC’s Stance On Jimenez, Title

The WBC is not willing to following the WBO’s lead, which has caused a disturbance in the boxing world.

It was previously announced that Alejandra Jimenez was stripped of both the WBO and WBC Titles that she won from Franchon Crews-Dezurn after failing to comply with a show cause order. The former heavyweight tested positive for a banned substance following a VADA test. Jimenez was initially suspended by the committee and her reign as champion was frozen until the investigation was complete.

A few weeks later, Jimenez tested positive for stanozolol. A 90-day suspension was issued by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations. The WBO put her on notice for her B-sample, which she chose a later date (February 19) to prepare herself. Jimenez failed to comply with providing sustainable evidence of her potential innocence, forcing the hand of the WBO. Her B-sample ended up coming back positive as well.

Since then, the WBO Title was returned to Crews-Dezurn.

The WBC, however, has a different way of handling things. In a release, it was announced that Jimenez will suspend Jimenez as champion, but will not automatically give Crews-Dezurn the title back. She is supposed to fight for the belt she won back in 2018. During this time, the WBC will be communicating with Crews-Dezurn, who has issued a protest regarding the bout.

This was the WBC’s statement:

“In the meantime, consistent with the WBC Rules & Regulations mandate to maintain reasonable activity in its divisions, and taking into account Ms. Crews-Dezurn’s position, the WBC will: (1) maintain the provisional suspension of recognition of Alejandra Jimenez as WBC World Champion; and (2) order a bout between Ms. Crews-Dezurn and the highest rated available contender in the division for the WBC Female Super Middleweight World Championship.

“Once the investigative and adjudicative process of Ms. Jimenez’ adverse finding is concluded, then the WBC will determine Ms. Jimenez’ definitive status in the WBC and in her division.”

Crews-Dezurn has since responded to the WBC in a series of tweets.

The next opponent close to Crews-Dezurn in the rankings is Alicia Napoleon, who just lost a bout to Elin Cederros for the WBO and IBF Super-Middleweight Titles. With the idea that boxing may not even go on for a few months because of the coronavirus, Crews-Dezurn might be waiting a while to get her belt back.

As for Jimenez,  she now has fourteen days to file an appeal on the matter.


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