Cris Cyborg: Tonya Evinger Gave Me a Tougher Fight Than Rousey Would

In an interview with MMA Weekly, the newly crowned UFC Featherweight champion spoke highly of her opponent at UFC 214. Cyborg going far enough to say that the former Invicta champion Tonya Evinger was a better opponent Ronda Rousey would have ever been.

“I think Tonya is a great fighter, and truthfully I think she preformed better against me than Ronda Rousey would have… Tonya has always impressed me, and she is a fighter who has deserved to be in the UFC for awhile and has been in the top 10 in the world at 135 pounds for a long time.”

Going to the third round for only the fourth time in her career and on the path to her 16th TKO on Saturday night, Cyborg felt good and is looking to showcase her evolving Brazilian Jiu-Jiitsu skills in competition later this year, in what she calls an aggressive title campaign as UFC Featherweight Champion.

The celebration did not last long for Cyborg as she is already back in the gym training, but taking a light reprieve to attend the Claressa Shields fight tomorrow night in Detroit.

Full Story from MMA Weekly

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