CSAC Bringing MMA Fighters Together For Pension Fund

The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) secured an agreement to form a subcommittee on the addition of MMA fighters to the state’s pension program for retired athletes.

The subcommittee will look into the proposals that were delivered by the CSAC Executive Director Andy Foster in a meeting on July 5 at Los Angeles. The meeting was related to the eligibility requirements for the MMA athletes. The meeting will also discuss generating external revenue from the program.

Boxers have the eligibility status after turning 50 years old and have the capacity to schedule 75 fights in a respective state.

The commission must influence the Californian legislation to give sponsorship and pass the bill of adding MMA fighters in the bracket of pensions. Foster claims that the commission will only have one chance for its submission by the next legislative session in 2023.

“I have a feeling that if they fought here they’d be eligible for a pension,” Foster stated. “It might make our state more competitive for fighters to want to be here.”

To ensure that the pension fund becomes attractive to the MMA athletes, Foster has discussed the possibility of decreasing the number of scheduled bouts.

An MMA fighter will qualify by scheduling 36 rounds.

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