CSAC Chairman Would License Liddell

Following his announcement that he is no longer retired, one of the target sites for Chuck Liddell’s return for MMA, would have no issue clearing him.

Liddell, who told Ariel Helwani this week that he will be fighting for Golden Boy Promotions’ new MMA brand, claimed that his home state of California, as well as the state of Nevada were the potential site for the event in November.

California State Athletic Commission Executive Director Andy Foster told MMAJunkie on Tuesday that, “if Chuck passes his medicals – his advanced medicals … I will administratively grant him a license.”

Foster said the CSAC follows guidelines established by the Association of Ringside Physicians for licensing fighters older than 40.

For Liddell, who is 48, he would need to submit a magnetic resonance angiogram (MRA) of the brain. The testing would also need an annual MRI of the brain without contrast, and EKG, cardiac testing, neurocognitive testing, blood work and a vision test.

Liddell will need to provide all of that for his license application, as well as the medical paperwork required by the CSAC. If any tests come with abnormal or “subsequently suggest deterioration in health status,” the ARP recommends denying the license.

In terms of any concerns with licensing Liddell, who had his last three fights leading to knockout losses, Foster told MMA Junkie, “not if he passes his medicals.”

“It would obviously depend on the opponent,” he added. “I don’t want to comment on who the opponent is. You’re the reporter, and you know dang well who it is. But his ability to license is different from his ability to compete, and his ability to compete would depend on who the opponent is.”

Original Story: MMA Junkie


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