CSAC Director: Jones’ Test Failure Makes No Sense

The MMA world is collectively waiting for more details regarding Jon Jones’ failed drug test prior to UFC 214, where he defeated Daniel Cormier by TKO to reclaim his light-heavyweight title.

The news of Jones’ potential USADA violation broke last week, and shortly thereafter it was revealed that he tested positive for a steroid called turinabol.

The details of Jones’ situation, however, are strange even by his standards. Turinabol is known primarily as an outdated steroid that was used in the late ’80s and ’90s. Jones passed multiple random USADA tests leading up to the bout, and the test he failed was conducted following the UFC 214 weigh-ins, meaning it was one of the few drug tests that Jones would have known he would be subject to.

California State Athletic Commission executive director Andy Foster is directly involved in the case as UFC 214 took place in Anaheim, California, and he told MMAJunkie that he too is scratching his head at Jones’ situation.

“This entire situation doesn’t make any sense to me,” Foster told MMAjunkie. “It just doesn’t.”

Foster pointed to the fact that Jones passed two previous tests (July 6 and 7) and that turinabol was clearly not in his system at that time. He stressed that the results of the B-sample testing have yet to come back, but if they too contain traces of the banned substance then Jones will be facing serious punishment regardless of his side of the story.

It would be Jones’ second offense under the USADA program, as last year he tested positive for an estrogen-blocker that was ultimately found in a male-enhancement pill he was taking. Even if this second offense is the result of an unintentional error by Jones, his negligence very well may cost him multiple years of his career.

“At that point, one of two things is probably going on here: He’s either extremely careless, or he’s a cheater,” Foster said. “I know he’s already been extremely careless once in his career … but none of this makes any sense. That’s why I think it’s very important that we vet this and look at all the available evidence before we jump to conclusions and hang this guy out to dry.”

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