CSAC’s Foster On Why Jones Was Not Suspended

Speaking with Fightful, CSAC Executive Director Andy Foster, found “no grounds” to suspend UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones for testing positive one day before UFC 232.

Foster told James Lynch that no evidence of re-administrating turinabol was found, which would mean it is the same drugs found in Jones in July of 2017, which caused his back-dated 15-month suspension by the commission.

“The scientists have said there was no evidence of re-administration, the evidence… when we go back and look at the testing from August until now,” Foster said. “It is indisputable that there’s been no re-administration and there’s no way to prove re-administration between July and what I believe is August of 2018, so Jon Jones, like any athlete, is afforded the presumption of innocence.

“That doesn’t change based on who you are, he served his time,” he continued. “He sat out his time and scientists say – multiple scientists have said, including the expert scientists that I used when I got Jon for the metabolite in 2017, put in writing that there’s no evidence of re-administration.”

While he was cleared by California to compete, Jones awaits his fate from the Nevada Athletic commission, as he looks to be licensed for UFC 235 when he defends against Anthony Smith on March 2nd.


Initial Report: Fightful

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