CTE Researcher Dr. Bennet Omalu Criticizes Brutal “Power Slap” Series

Renowned CTE researcher Dr. Bennet Omalu has voiced his strong disapproval of the brutal series “Power Slap,” which has been the subject of much controversy since its debut.

In an interview with The US Sun, Omalu emphasized the devastating brain damage that contestants run the risk of sustaining and questioned why TBS approved airing it.

As the first doctor to investigate the link between American football and CTE, Omalu is regarded as one of the foremost authorities on CTE research in the world. His work was even dramatized in the film “Concussion” starring Will Smith. With his reputation, Omalu’s criticism of “Power Slap” carries weight and underscores the potentially serious health risks associated with the series.

“Power Slap” has drawn criticism from a variety of figures, including popular lightweight boxer Ryan Garcia and neurologist Chris Nowinski. Despite this, the UFC has been advertising the series more than its own events. This has raised concerns that the promotion is prioritizing shock value over athlete safety, a criticism that has been levied against the sport in the past.

Dr. Omalu is not the only medical professional speaking out against the Power Slap league.

The debate over “Power Slap” is particularly relevant as we are on the heels of a significant champion versus champion fight between Alexander Volkanovski and Islam Makhachev at UFC 284. Makhachev himself has criticized the promotional efforts for the match, drawing attention to the fact that the safety of fighters should be the top priority for the promotion.

The controversy over “Power Slap” highlights the need for a continued conversation around athlete safety in combat sports. As more research is conducted on the link between head trauma and CTE, it’s becoming increasingly clear that steps need to be taken to minimize the risks of these injuries.

Only then can athletes compete at their highest level while still safeguarding their long-term health.

“It is a very dumb, very stupid and unsafe. It is primitive,” Omalu said. “To me, such a sport is inconsistent with the intelligence of humans. It is possible that a participant could die from this. Somebody could die or suffer catastrophic brain damage and become a vegetable. How can he [Dana White] make that statement? It is like saying you will make a loaded gun safe. I do not blame the organizers so much, everybody wants to make a buck or easy money. But I feel the competitors have so much stupidity. It is silly, given what we know about concussion and blunt force trauma to the head. Why is TBS showing such a primitive sport? It should not be on TV.”

Despite having AEW Dynamite as a powerful lead-in, Power Slap has had trouble with the ratings. Whatever the case, the new league will make its PPV debut next month.

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