Cub Swanson Gives Silent Press Conference

Before making his bantamweight debut at UFC Vegas 62, Cub Swanson was silent.

The UFC and WEC veteran remained silent during the press conference and delegated questions to his teammate and friend Daniel Argueta just days before his first attempt to lose weight by dropping to 135 pounds.

At the opening of the question and answer period, Argueta stated, “He wanted to test me.”

“He wanted to see if I answered everything correctly for him.”

Swanson maintained his composure as Argueta discussed his weight loss and the process of moving down to bantamweight after spending most of his career competing at featherweight while chewing gum and wearing sunglasses.

“Cub started cutting the weight four or five months ago,” Argueta said.

“We came in, we did all the proper steps, he did the testing here at the and we actually did the testing together to get a baseline to see where we both stand on the drop to [135 pounds]. I think overall he felt like he needed that next challenge.”

It’s unclear whether Swanson didn’t feel like answering questions or is entering the most challenging phase of his weight loss.

He appeared uninterested in speaking on Wednesday, which ended up lasting just over two minutes.

Swanson fights Jonathan Martinez in the co-main event of UFC Vegas 62.

Martinez is presently on a three-fight winning streak of his own.

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