Cutmen React To Tszyu’s Nasty Cut; Fundora Offers Tszyu A Rematch

Boxing’s cutmen have reacted to Tim Tszyu’s loss to Sebastian Fundora after suggestions the fight should have been stopped.

Tszyu lost a split decision, missing out on the chance to become the Unified Junior Middleweight Champion. The Australian lost his WBO belt, while the win allowed Fundora to add the vacant WBC belt. In the first two rounds, Tszyu was dominating the fight. His right hand troubled Fundora, breaking his nose as the champion was ahead.

But near the end of the second round, Tszyu leant into Fundora’s elbow, causing a nasty cut above his hairline. The blood continued pouring forth as Tszyu admitted struggling to see. While Tszyu’s cutman, Mark Gambin, did his best to allow his fighter to continue, the boxing community felt the fight should have been waived off as a no-contest. In response, numerous cutmen had their say.

“I only know what I observed, which was poor technique, a lack of knowledge about knowing the rules of an unintentional foul that is bleeding in his eyesight. [The fight] is not being stopped – you can have that fight stopped inside of four rounds. I would have talked to the doctors in between [the rounds]. I would have talked to the corner. I am going to be honest with the corner, say ‘This thing is going to bleed. You can get this fight stopped if it is an unintentional foul.’ It will go to a no-contest and you will get a rematch. I don’t know if any of that was talked about,” Mike Bazzel said

“As the cut happened, it changed the whole fight. It is unfortunate, man,” Mike Rodriguez

Trainer Robert Garcia echoed those words, criticizing Tszyu’s corner for not getting the fight stopped. He felt his team should not have taken any unnecessary risks with a title shot on the line. It led to Tszyu’s first-ever career defeat, as he missed out on the chance to face Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr. It was also a big moment as he headlined PBC’s first PPV with Amazon Prime Video.

“Right away, second round, I would have stopped it. My fighter can’t continue with all that blood coming out. All that blood coming out to weaken the fighter. “The ref and the doctor, they don’t know. So, they have to go by what the fighter says. They have to protect the fighter. So, they would stop it and that would make it a no contest. Who cares if 10,000 people are going to be mad?” Garcia stated

Fundora will face either his WBO mandatory Crawford or Spence. After his win, Spence indicated his desire to face the Champion. If that happens, Fundora must vacate his WBO belt and defend his WBC title against Spence. Regardless of the choice, Fundora’s team has offered Tszyu a rematch first. 

“We were all so eager to make this fight that many of our agreements were made verbally. There wasn’t enough time. But I wish to make it clear that Team Fundora will honour the agreement. My word is always equal to a signed contract. Tim Tszyu, your rematch is ready when you are,” Sampson Lewkowicz (Tsyzu’s promoter) 


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