Cyborg On Mentoring “Cash Me Outside Girl”

Last week, FIGHT SPORTS posted the latest music video of Bhad Bhabie, that featured UFC Women’s featherweight champion Cris Cyborg. Many were wondering what the MMA star was doing in the video with the viral video meme turned rapper, but it seems that Cyborg is mentoring Bhabie (real name Danielle Bregoli).

Bregoli’s rise to notoriety began when she appeared on the Dr. Phil show and then invited members of the audience to “cash her outside,” meaning she was looking to fight them in the studio parking lot. Bregoli has had several incidents regarding street fights and altercations with other quasi-internet celebrities, and Cyborg is looking to make sure that Bregoli learns to protect herself.

“I invited her to go to my gym too,” Cyborg told TMZ Sports recently. “I would like to train her, show some disciplines of mixed martial arts, and show my work for her. I think it’s a great opportunity.

“I invited her to come and she’s gonna come to the gym and I will show a little bit about martial arts. She says she really likes street fights. The first day I met her she said, ‘I don’t like gloves, I like a street fight.’ So, I’m gonna show a little bit about mixed martial arts for her. “Soon we’re gonna train together and I think mixed martial arts teaches kid discipline. I think you learn a lot. When I started training I learned a lot, you know, respect. I think you learn a lot of things and kids should learn mixed martial arts for discipline.”

Bregoli has turned her internet infamy into a tangible career, with the now 15-year old appearing on the Billboard Hot 100 with her initial single These Heaux which would peak at #77.


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